Among sisterhood, philanthropy, leadership, and the many other components that come along with being a member of Tri Delta, furthering our education within the academic sphere is extremely important to us too. Our sisters are encouraged to join clubs related to their field of study, be engaged in classroom discussion, and use each other as resources to help one another succeed. We have academic programs in place to ensure our members continue to broaden their moral and intellectual lives throughout their time in Tri Delta. We are supportive of each of our member’s unique passions, goals, and ambitions for the future, and we fully understand that succeeding academically is the first step toward making our dreams reality. Tri Delta members are diverse in their studies. With members majoring all the way from political science and working on presidential and congressional campaigns, to sisters interning at radio stations, event-planning companies, non-profit organizations and more; we are proud to have a sisterhood full of dynamic young women who strive to succeed and make a difference in the world.

Here at Beta Xi, we understand that the transition from a high school to college workload can be overwhelming, but being a member of Tri Delta provides women with the guidance, support and resources for academic growth that cannot be found anywhere else. Setting up chapter room with snacks and study materials during exam week, and offering incentives for women making A’s are just a couple of the ways we try to give back to our sisters for their hard work. Our founders made scholarship an important part of our purpose back in 1888, and we hope to continue to make them proud within our own academic pursuits throughout our collegiate journeys.