Chapter Leadership

Mary Kate Guerre

Chapter President

Hi! My name is MK Guerre and I am from Houston, TX. I joined Tri Delta in Fall 2019 and I am now going into my senior year, majoring in Elementary Education. I am so excited to serve as the Chapter President for Tri Delta here at SFA and to play a part in all of the accomplishments we will achieve this year! There is a lot to be done as President but my favorite parts of the job include overseeing the exec board and leading the chapter to meet our goals. I just love being a part of Tri Delta and having the opportunity to lead the chapter as President is beyond my wildest dreams. It is my greatest joy getting to serve alongside these steadfast women and to celebrate each other’s successes!!

Brooke May

VP Membership Experience

Hey y’all!! My name is Brooke May and I am from Plano, Texas. I am a member of PC ‘19 and am a Senior Nursing major here at SFA! I proudly get to serve Beta Xi as the Vice President of Membership Experience! This position allows me to oversee recruitment and four different directors! I love this position so much because I get to work with all of my directors on my team and directors not on my team daily to plan, discuss and design a recruitment that proudly shows our Tri Delta chapter. Ever since joining Tri Delta I have wanted to be in this position, because I get to help girls like me find a home away from home behind the blue doors and to me that is the most special part about my position!

Bella Dickson

VP Chapter Programming and Development

Hi! My name is Bella Dickson and I am the Vice President of Chapter Programming and Development for Tri Delta! I am a senior nursing major from Flower Mound and I am in PC 19! In my position I get the opportunity to keep our members safe by advocating for mental health and ensuring proper risk management for the chapter! I love my position because I get to help keep our members safe and get to make relationships with so many girls in the chapter! I can’t wait for this next year to see how this position will help me grow into the the best person I can be and to see how the chapter will grow with these officers!

Kate Whitsett

VP Community Relations

Hey! My name is Kate Whitsett & I am from Longview, Texas. I am a member of PC ‘19 & a Senior Political Science major here at SFASU! I get to serve Beta Xi as the Vice President of Community Relations. In this position I have the pleasure of overseeing three different directors in the creation & completion process of their respective events & activities. Additionally, I serve as the chapters Panhellenic Delegate, oversee the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility, & Belonging (DEIAB) chairman, & coordinate all community service projects. With each aspect of my position, I love that I get to positively impact the community I am surrounded by and promote our chapters values within.


VP Opperations

Linzy Callaway

Director of Member Selection

Hey!! My name is Linzy Callaway, I’m from a small town called Linden, tx and I am part of pledge class 21! Im a sophomore and I major in biology!! I serve as tri deltas director of membership selection! during my position I teamwork with the best recruitment team ever!! i get to use organizing and leadership skills while making the best friendships and a long lasting sisterhood bond that I am so proud of!! i am so blessed and thankful that tri delta is my home! DDD cannot wait to meet pledge class 22 ♡ ♡

Morgan Matthews

Director of Recruitment Events

My name is Morgan Paige Mathews! I am from League City Tx. and I am apart of fall pc 20! I am a senior Nursing major here at SFASU! I am so excited to be the Director of Recruitment events! In this position I get to serve my chapter by creating all themes and visions for recruitment events, along with educating our chapter members through the recruitment process! I love getting to use my creative side and working with our members to benefit our amazing chapter!!!

Lisa Sarabia

Director of First Year Experience

Hi! My name is Lisa Sarabia, I'm from Cypress Tx, and I am a part of PC 20. I am currently a Junior nursing major at SFA, and I am also the Director of First Year Experience for Tri Delta!! As Director of First Year Experience, I get to know our new members on a more personal level and teach them all things Tri Delt. During the new member process, our new members get to participate in a number of activities such as new member meetings, new member retreat, and new member awards. In this position, I am able to walk our new members through their new member process before they become initiated. I am so excited to take on this role and show others the true love that is here in Tri Delta. This sorority has given me so much and I am so excited to show PC 22 everything it has to offer. I can’t wait to meet each girl that walks through those big blue doors!!

Chloe Spellicy

Director of Lifetime Membership

My name is Chloe Spellicy, I’m from Dallas, Texas, and I am a part of PC ‘20. I am a Psychology major with a concentration in Drug & Rehabilitation Services. I am the current Director of Lifetime Membership. In my position I help plan alumni events, sisterhood, and parent weekends. I love my position because it shows that being a Tri Delt goes beyond your four years in college!

Paige Williams

Director of Public Relations & Marketing

hey! my name is Paige Williams, im from katy, Tx and im part of pc 20!! im a junior advertising & public relations major here at sfasu! i get to serve tri delta as director of public relations and marketing! in this position i get to take pictures, make videos, and let my creativity shine through all things instagram & social media!! i love getting to do this because it’s so rewarding getting to show everyone what it means to be a tri delta woman!! this position is also so rewarding to me because i get to use it as a hands on learning experience since this is exactly what i want to do after college!

Lily Isham

Director of Social Events

Hey y’all! I’m Lily Isham and I am from Haslet, Texas. I am currently a junior Health Science major, minoring in psychology! I am given the opportunity to serve Beta Xi but planning and putting on all of our grab-a-dates, themed mixers with other organizations, and our formals! On top of that I also get to lead our chapter during homecoming in the fall and Greek week in the spring! I love getting to have this position because I get to see all the connections our girls get to form at all of the events, I also love seeing the things I plan come to life!


Director of Philanthropy

howdy everyone! this officer term I get the opportunity to serve as director of philanthropy for Tri Delta! Serving as director of philanthropy has already been such a rewarding experience. It is such an amazing opportunity to work with representatives from St. Jude and Tri Delta to organize events on behalf of St. Jude! This position allows me to work with our chapter to create events within our community to raise money for the kids of St. Jude! We give 100% of everything we raise directly to St. Jude to make sure no family ever receives a bill! Rush St. Jude!!!

Marissa Gilder

Director of Academic Excellence

hi! my name is Marissa Gilder, i’m from Dallas, TX, and i’m in spring PC ‘21! i’m a senior Biochemistry major at SFASU! I serve Tri Delta as the Director of Academic Excellence! I love my position because I am so passionate about doing well in school and encouraging my sisters to do the same! It helps me keep myself accountable and gives me sisters a space to rely on someone to give them academic help! I love Tri Delta and I love being able to help my sisters thrive in their education!!

Lauren Klene

Director of Financial Opperations

Hello! My name is Lauren Klene and I hold the position of Director of Financial Operations. I’m a senior nursing student here at SFA and I’m originally from Spring, Texas! I joined Tri Delta as a sophomore and I’m part of pc 20. As Director of Financial Operations, I work with a team to create our chapter’s annual budget and then throughout the school year, I help officers make purchases for their positions! I love this position because I get to work closely with all of our officers and I’m involved in basically every event our chapter puts on including recruitment, philanthropy, formal, and so much more! I would have never expected to see myself in this position, but I’m so happy with everything it’s taught me so far and I’m excited to help our chapter throughout this next year!!

Savannah Buus

Director of Risk Management & Wellness

Hey!! My name is Savannah Buus, I’m from The Woodlands, Texas, and I am from PC 21! I am a junior with a major in accounting here at sfa! I am proud to serve as Director of Risk Management and Wellness. For this position I get to educate the chapter about mental health and ensure the safety of our sisters! I love pursuing this position because it leads me to build a better bond with my sisters. I love being able to lead my chapter in this position, as it pushes me to grow as a person!

Samantha Guffey

Director of Facility Opperations

Taylor Banda

Director of Administration

Hey y’all! I’m Taylor Banda and I am a senior Elementary Education major from Fort Worth, Texas. I am a member of pc 19’ and I am excited to serve the Beta Xi chapter as the Director of Administrator. This position allows me to express my organization skills and help organize the chapter events onto calendars for our members to see and submit excuses when needed. I love getting to work with all officers when planning a date for their events!

Ally Walker

Director of Ceremonies and Ritual

Hey! My name is Ally Walker, and I’m from Mansfield Texas. I am a junior education major here at SFA and a member of pc 20. I am lucky to serve as the Director of Ceremonies and Rituals for Tri Delta here at SFA. I love my position because I enjoy bringing a depth and dimension to our sisterhood which strengthens our connections and relationships.

Polly Schwab

Director of Member Finances

Hey! My name is Polly Schwab! I’m from Plano, TX and I’m a junior History major with a concentration in Secondary Education! I am a part of PC ‘20 and I serve Beta Xi as the Director of Member Finances! In this position I get to work closely with members and other officers to ensure that member’s bills are paid and chapter finances are well kept! My position is rewarding because I get to work with every member of the chapter and get to know them as the year goes on! I love this position because it has helped me to see the behind the scenes of our chapter, and it allows me to help myself and other members be more organized with the financial aspect of being in a sorority!

Jorden Gooden

Campus Activities Coordinator

Heyyy! My name is Jorden Gooden, I’m from Rockwall, Tx and I am apart of PC ‘21! I am a junior majoring in kinesiology and minoring In general business! In my position I get to organize on campus activities with other organizations and help lead my chapter participate in things like Homecomimg and Greek Week. I love my position because not only am I super involved with chapter as well as other chapters and organizations and it’s a great way to work with my peers outside of a classroom!

Audrey Hafele

Alumni Relations Coordinator

Hi!! I’m Audrey Hafele and I’m from Keller, tx. I’m a member of pc’21 and a sophomore here at sfasu! I’m majoring in early childhood education and love every second of it! I’m the alumni relations coordinator for tri delta! In this position I get to learn about the history of our chapter and teach it to our whole chalet, which is really cool. I’m included in all things alumni, like putting on events for them and getting to know some of them. My favorite thing about my position is getting to know the girls in tri delta by asking them questions for our weekly recap, AKA delta digest. It’s so rewarding and fun to get to know all the girls and the history of our chapter!

Ryleigh Criswell

Social Coordinator

Hey my name is Ryleigh Criswell, I’m from Cypress, TX and part of PC 21!! I am currently a General Business major here at SFA. I get the privilege to work alongside our amazing Social Chair as our Social coordinator!! The best part about this position is not only to be apart of all the fun planning and creativity that comes with it, but also get the honor to help create themes and banners for our chapter! Even better I get to witness everyone's faces light up the room during our revels!!

Sophia Smith

Sisterhood Coordinator

Hi! My name is Sophia Smith, I’m from Magnolia, Tx and I am apart of pc 20! I am a junior here at sfa majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders. I serve as the Sisterhood Coordinator! In this position I get to plan sisterhood events! I get to plan things like movie nights or game nights! I love doing this because I love being able to bring everyone together! Sisterhood is so important to Tri Delta and I love that I get to help plan these sisterhoods!

Hayley Bixby

Media Coordinator

hello!!! My name is Hayley Bixby, Im from Beckville, Texas, and im part of pc 21! Im a junior human sciences major with a concentration of human development and family studies. I am so lucky to be Tri Deltas social media coordinator!! In this position i get to assist the director of public relations and marketing with all things social media! It’s so fun to be able to be apart of such a huge contribution to the sorority!

Devin Rosillo

Ceremonies and Rituals Coordinator

Hey! My name is Devin Rosillo , i am from Pearland, Tx and im part of pc 19!! I am a Health Science major with a minor in combined sciences here at sfasu! i get to serve tri delta as the ceremonies and rituals coordinator! in this position i get to plan and prepare private and public symbolic ceremonies that speak of the importance of our organizations values!! i love getting to do this because it is so rewarding to know that we are continuing to maintain the same rituals that have been passed down many generations!!