Letter from the Chapter

Hi! My name is Brooke May and I am the Vice President of Membership Experience for the Beta Xi Tri Delta Chapter here at SFA. I am so excited that you are choosing to attend Stephen F. Austin State University, and even more excited you are thinking about joining the Greek life community! As I begin my fourth year at SFA as a senior nursing major this upcoming fall 2022, it is hard to put into words what this chapter and school has done for me during my time here. Tri Delta has helped and given me strong qualities I will cherish within myself and shown me true kindness throughout my time here at SFA!

When going through the Recruitment process, my best advice would be to stay true to yourself, your morals and values. I know it sounds cheesy but it is the one thing I made myself remember throughout the process because you are choosing a future home that will continue on throughout and past your college years here at SFA. It is the most amazing feeling to be able to find a place where you find a bond within the sisterhood and are able to make memories with people that will truly be in your life for a lifetime. My wish for every young woman going through recruitment is that you find a home that supports you, your interests, and everything that you stand for. We love recruitment because it gives us the chance to show what we, as Tri Delta women, continue to stand for! Tri Delta Nationally, has a purpose that states:

“The purpose of Delta Delta Delta shall be to establish a perpetual bond of friendships among its members, to develop a stronger and more womanly character, to broaden the moral and intellectual life, and to assist its members in every possible way. It shall also be the purpose of Delta Delta Delta to promote and develop mutually beneficial relationships between the Fraternity and the colleges and the universities where the Fraternity has established chapters, to develop qualities of unselfish leadership among its members, and to encourage them to assume, with integrity and devotion to moral and democratic principles, the highest responsibilities of college women.” -- Written by Sarah Ida Shaw-1888

This purpose continuously reminds our chapter that this is a membership that will last a lifetime, provide us with opportunities, and help us grow into strong women throughout our college years and after. Our chapter searches for women that meet these standards and we pride ourselves on not wanting to change a single member but that their individual growth throughout their experience here will be a better version of who she was before Tri Delta.

Tri Delta not only offers memories that will last a lifetime, but we also offer leadership experience, diversity, personal growth, community, and so much more. My Tri Delta experience so far has been nothing short of what I expected, and I know that all of my sisters can agree when we say this place has offered a home away from home within this chapter. We are all so eager to meet you and to help you through the Recruitment process. Wherever you decide for your home to be, make sure it is a place where you see yourself representing it strongly anywhere you go. You may feel like you are choosing the sorority that you want, but in all reality, the sorority chooses you as well! It is beyond important to take into account the morals and standards you hold yourself to, and choose based on what you feel will be best for you.

We encourage you to check out our website along with all the other chapters here at SFA. This will help you to get a feel for what your preferences are in a chapter and to learn more about the aspects that go into Recruitment, such as philanthropy, sisterhood, and more! If you have any questions in regards to the Recruitment process, Greek life, SFA, or our chapter, you are more than welcome to contact any member and we will help you to the best of our abilities!

Delta Love & Axe’Em Jacks!

Brooke May

Vice President of Membership Experience