Tri Delta

Beta Xi at Stephen F. Austin State University

Our House

The Delta Dome, the Tri Delta house, it’s whatever you want it to be called. This is the place where you feel loved, safe, and cared for. It’s your own special getaway, your safe haven. When I received my bid on bid day my freshman year, I did not see myself becoming the House Manager for this amazing chapter. I have lived in the house for a year now, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The joy, the laughter with all my friends, and the comfort I get when I’m feeling down are indescribable within the house.

To top it off, we have a wonderful house mom, whose name is Nancy. Being away from home is tough when you miss your moms home cooked meals, but I can always rely on our chef, Mike, to make the meals taste just like hers. Living in the house was more than just a fun time; it was also a time where I was able to create memories that cannot be made any other way.

Basically, living in the Delta Dome is like an endless sleepover with your best friends with an endless amount of food and closets. You become so deeply close to everyone, and I met some of my best friends by moving into the house when I did. Moving into the house changed the way I looked at Tri Delta as a whole because it gives you a completely different experience that you would not understand until you live it. It’s a safe place, comfort zone, and your home away from home.

Delta love, 

Maddie Poole

House Manager